Since 1882, the Knights of Columbus has helped hundreds of thousands of Catholic families get the security and peace of mind they need.

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Field Agent Report – February 2021

By the time you read this, you and I have probably been working from home, sheltering in place or on lockdown for 11 months! Who would have thought it? I hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

Being at home so much over the past 11 months has been different…mostly in a good way, although I think most of us have “corona virus fatigue.” We’ll keep socially distant and do our part by wearing a mask, but we’re tired of all the restrictions. On the home front we’ve had our minor squabbles but
being at home has helped me have more dialogue with my family and has taught me how precious time together is. It’s taught me to slow down, consider the important people in my life and resolve to keep this attitude when the restrictions are lifted.

This is the month of Valentine’s Day and being home makes me appreciate my wife even more. Whether or not you have children at home, our spouses don’t get nearly enough credit for all they do. What would we do without them? Many of our spouses have the role of breadwinner, professional,
provider, business owner, etc….and manage to also make a proper home, raise the family and run the household. They are remarkable!

So, don’t forget that dozen roses, the heart-shaped box of chocolates, the card, or the gift as a token of your love and letting her know how much she means to you. And if you want to really let her know how much you love her, take a few minutes with me and take stock of where you are with your life insurance and disability insurance coverage. With so many spouses in the workplace, it would be neglectful to not make sure they are properly protected. Many households rely on two incomes to pay the bills and the
loss of either one, to an untimely death or an illness or accident that means one is unable to work, can be devastating.

I’ve met with many of you over the past months and I can continue to meet virtually over the computer…everyone stays safe. The Order has equipped me to make sure I can properly meet and service all my assigned brother knights and their families.

Let’s spend a few minutes together and make sure everything is in place for the ones you love.

Vivat Jesus!

Murray Caster