Since 1882, the Knights of Columbus has helped hundreds of thousands of Catholic families get the security and peace of mind they need.

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November 2018 Newsletter

Five Things You Need to Know
Before Talking to Your Agent
November 2018
Meeting Your Agent

John Gallop, FIC
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The Knights of Columbus insurance story begins in the winter of 1882 in the basement of St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, Conn.

It was there that our Venerable founder, Father Michael J. McGivney, gathered the men of his parish together to create a solution to a recurring problem.

Many Catholics — most of whom were immigrants — were working and living in unfavorable conditions. And many, tragically, were dying young, leaving behind widows and orphans with insufficient financial resources.

So, he established the Knights of Columbus, and with it, a “pass-the-hat” insurance system to protect the Catholic families in his parish. Over time, that system has evolved, and today we stay true to our founding mission through our multi-billion dollar, top-rated insurance program. Members in the United States and Canada have exclusive access to our insurance program and products, including: 

  life insurance
  retirement annuities
  planning & saving
  estate preservation
  long-term care insurance
  disability income

Many times, the price with the Knights is much lower than commercial companies – after all, we don’t have share holders or advertising to pay for, so we pass those savings to you.

Not contacting the Knights to find out how you can benefit means you are not getting all of the information you should have to make an educated choice.

It won’t cost you anything to meet with me – it might cost a lot if you don’t. 

Our agents can advise you on what insurance policies are best for you and your family – that’s why they’re so helpful. Still, you might be hesitant to sit down with your agent for various reasons. Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you sit down with a K of C agent to alleviate all of your fears.
What should a family expect?

What should a family expect when sitting down with a K of C agent? A family should expect to visit with a professional and intelligent representative of the Knights of Columbus who is going to bring a great deal of value to their family.

Every Knights of Columbus Field Agent is licensed, and professionally trained. Every year additional education is required to keep up to date on the industry, and to remain licensed. 

What would be discussed? 

The agents will start by discussing the history and current events of the Knights of Columbus, then transition into discussing what is going on in the member’s life, and then finally educate the member on how we may be able to better their situation financially.

You are not limited to life insurance with the Knights. In fact, we look at all aspects of your financial life: starting early to take advantage of the lowest premiums for the highest benefit; protecting you salary – if you can’t work, you should still get paid to be able to life; as well as retirement planning to make sure you have more than enough to enjoy the life you’ve earned to live.

Why is this meeting important? 

A member’s life can change in an instant, and everyone should always be prepared for the unthinkable to happen so their family is okay.

We always plan for the birth of a new child: getting a crib, the room ready, blankets, toys, and car seat. We never really plan for anything else in life, we just seem to wing it, and hope for the best, all the while telling ourselves that we have it under control, we don’t need help. 

Why should families meet regularly? 

Why should families meet regularly with their agent? Because life is always changing: new jobs, new houses, new additions to the family, etc. All these things change the financial needs of a family.

By keeping up to date, and on top of changes, a strong financial plan can be put together to make sure any obstacles are brought up, and thought about, before they are arrived at.

They say “time is money”, but if you don’t have time to deal with issues, you may not have to money to get through the difficult times.

Why should families choose K of C Insurance? 

Personal service is a lost art in our world today. But our agents are not just business men, they are brother Knights and your well being is their business 24/7. This type of service is so important when you need help the most.

Having a conversation with your dedicated field agent is a benefit of being a member of the Knights of Columbus. Take advantage of all the benefits membership provides and call for a conversation today.

John Gallop, FIC
Field Agent, Knights Of Columbus
Cell: 905-442-7242
  Catholic Families since 1882

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