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January 2018 – RRSP Issue
Did You Know? Your RRSP is worth more at the Knights!

An opportunity only with the Knights

If you are making a contribution to an RRSP this year, the Knights of Columbus have an exciting opportunity for you.

Many people look at an RRSP as a chance to get a tax break, and to save for retirement. What if you could also double, or even triple the base amount of the RRSP? Would you be interested?

The Knights of Columbus is the only company in Canada that can offer you this opportunity.

What the Knights have that others don’t

Up to the age of 66, you have the opportunity to open a Single Premium RRSP WL. This RRSP WL will provide a guaranteed return to age 71 for your retirement (RRIF): no guessing as to whether you will win or lose with your investment. You will know a minimum amount that you will have for retirement, which lets you plan better.

Additionally, if you don’t make it to retirement, your RRSP will be transferred to your beneficiary, the same way as the bank RRSP; however, unlike the bank, which will only transfer the base amount, you could have a much larger sum transferred with the Knights.

What you get? 

As an example: if you are 50 and you deposit $10,000* to the RRSP WL, when you reach 71, you could earn 3.4% minimum average per year. If you don’t make it to 71 your beneficiary could receive an RRSP transfer of $27,000*

$10,000 could become $27,000

Imagine: Guaranteed return, retirement protection, and tax receipt… you and your family win in every way possible.

And best of all, this opportunity is available to spouses of Knights too.

What if I don’t contribute this year? 

If you are not making a contribution this year, you are still able to take advantage by transferring some of your existing RRSP: the return and protection still applies the same. There is no tax implication, since it is a transfer; the money remains registered in a retirement savings, it just works harder for you with the Knights.

Now that you know there is an opportunity to create something much more with your RRSP, I will be happy to explain what the specific options are for you and your family.

Ask soon though, as you don’t want to make a rash decision, or lose out on this opportunity.

Remember, there is no obligation, and it’s free to find out more about this product. However, there might be a huge cost to you, and your family, if you leave the questions unasked.

*Different ages, and different deposits mean different returns and beneficiary amounts.