Since 1882, the Knights of Columbus has helped hundreds of thousands of Catholic families get the security and peace of mind they need.

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December 2019 Newsletter

We seem to say it ever year, “It’s almost Christmas, where has the year gone?”  As we look back we measure the passing of the seasons, from one holiday to the next, and see how our lives have changed over that time.  Christmas and the end of the year mark a milestone for most of us.  The season gives us pause to thank God for sending his only-begotten Son to redeem us and it is a time to reflect on all the gifts we’ve received from him. God’s gift to us inspires the gift-giving so many of us enjoy at Christmastime. We certainly enjoy receiving those gifts, but reflect for a moment of what the giving of gifts does for the gift-giver.

Some gift-givers aren’t so good with words, so they use gifts: Remember “Say it with flowers,” the slogan of FTD. Some get a sense of satisfaction in seeing the happiness of the recipient, some feel appreciation that they are able to share what God has given them. It seems to fulfill the need to please, encourage or help someone. It makes us feel good to give.

As I look back at 2019, I can’t help but think of all of the selfless members of the Order who gave gifts to help others.  As our Supreme Knight highlighted in is address at the Supreme Convention just a few months ago we are “Knights of Charity.”  And we prove this every day with the many people who give of themselves; give of their time, their talent or their treasure, to help those less fortunate and those in need.

Supreme Knight Anderson spoke about the disaster relief provided by our Knights of Charity; $4.2 million supporting hurricane victims alone.  The one thousandth ultrasound machine has been placed in service to help save more unborn children.  He talked about our mission of charity to the Middle East and the Christian community there that faces extinction.  More than $20 million has provided food, shelter, clothing and a new 140 unit apartment building for Christians and those of other religions who need our help.  Knights of Charity helped provide coats for more than 105,000 kids who will now stay warm this winter.

Knights are known for their generosity.  We are indeed, Knights of Charity.

All of these important initiatives help many others, but don’t forget about your own family…and I’m not talking about gifts that you’ll put under the tree. This holiday season as we think of giving and receiving, when we think of all the good gifts we have been given and all we are able to give, make sure you give your family the gift of peace of mind.  Secure in the knowledge that whatever challenges they may face, you have protected them.

The Knights of Columbus has the products that will do just that:  Provide financially for your family if you aren’t here, make sure you have enough for a comfortable retirement, give the care needed if you can’t care for yourself and make sure all of this comes to pass if you are sick or hurt and can’t work. It’s painless to sit down with me to analyze your particular situation.

Vivat Jesus!

Br. Murray